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Fall 2008 Newsletter


Recently, Marie made mention that next year will be the 30th year of this music ministry. We've had a wonderful journey of faith these many years. When we started this faith ministry, it was scary and often trying. There were times of discouragement, difficulties, hardships, but all to increase our faith. Looking back, I would not want any other calling. Through times of distress, the Lord taught me many things. To me, it would seem the Lord was wrong, but later I found He was only trying to bless me. Mountain top times never teach me - I learn in the valleys when I think I can't make it. Thinking back, which I do a lot, I know I need to go through the hard times.


To go back to my calling -- it started when my mother was pregnant with me. I did not know this story until I was in my twenties. My mother was in a church where a family was ministering in song. During the service, my mother felt the Holy Spirit come over her and tell her she was going to have a son, he would be a singer and would bless millions. My parents never told me to sing, they did not tell me what the Lord had said to my mother, they never encouraged me to perform, but I always had the desire to sing and perform. After many years of singing, someone mentioned my calling through this story.

The Lord has been so good to me. Even in years of my rebellion, the full-time ministry calling to do what I've done for the last 30 years was always there. Many of you have helped me along the way through prayer, through financial help and by your encouragement with notes and letters. You'll never know how the Lord has sent you to bless Marie and me just at the right time. I wish I could thank you individually. Heaven is going to be so wonderful - first to be with Jesus and then meeting with our friends and family without time limitations. Until then, please know how much you mean to us.


William Harness


PS.  We have decided to make a "30th ANNIVERSARY CD" this year. We would like to take some of your favorite songs from our 14 albums and combine them into one CD. In addition I am going to record two new songs. We are asking you to contact us with your favorite William Harness recorded songs. You can do this by E-mail at whsc@pobox.com.

Thank You


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